Monday, June 21, 2010

Bandai Tamashii: Eureka Seven Nirvash Type Zero

Finally, i got my Nirvash Type Zero, arriving from Hong Kong. Got it through a local seller on eBay. Though it was not in the condition i was hoping for, i looks rather bib, but heck, since i can't find it anywhere else, or rather i am too lazy to continue searching for it. The one i got is manufactured by Bandai Tamashii, mark with the year 2005. Its fully tranformable from robot mode to vehicle mode. I was hoping its somthing i can keep mint, but whutta heck..

Nirvash typeZERO

* Overall Height: 14.7m (LFO mode), 2.8m (vehicle mode)
* Weight: 21.4t
* Maximum Output: 4000/ 120~ 150 9PS/bpm
* Maximum Speed: 300 km/h (vehicle mode)
* Seating Capacity: 2 persons

The Nirvash typeZERO, along with its pilots Eureka and Renton, is something of a visual symbol for Eureka Seven, and the LFO itself is complicit in many of the series' mysteries. The Nirvash typeZERO was the first archetype discovered, and the LFO created from this archetype was the base model that many other LFOs were designed around. Both versions of the Nirvash's outer shell were created by the scientists at Tresor, and both ref boards were created by Axel Thurston.

Though LFOs are commonly equipped with a secondary seat, the Nirvash is the only archetype whose natural shape suggests that it should accommodate two people. It is also one of the few LFOs capable of operating without a Compac Drive, thanks to the unique nature of its pilot. However, the Seven Swell phenomenon it is capable of will only work when a Compac Drive and the Amita Drive are attached. According to Axel Thurston, the Amita Drive was developed to bring forth the true potential of the typeZERO and amplifies the effect of the Compac Drive. The installation of the Amita Drive unlocks the Satori Program which allows the unleashing of the Seven Swell phenomenon. At times, the Nirvash has responded to its pilots' commands without the use of its mechanical interface and even moves on its own to protect them; this is apparently not exclusive to Renton and Eureka, since Sumner Sturgeon was able to get the Nirvash to activate through verbal commands when he was forced to pilot it against his former teammates. It also has the ability to seemingly upgrade itself to suit its pilots, first in a minor fashion and in a much greater way later on.

The Nirvash's main weapons are a pair of boomerang knives (basic equipment for it and the Terminus series of LFOs). In addition to these, the Nirvash also features small chaff and flare launchers on its back to confuse missiles and dissuade followers. Apart from this, however, the Nirvash is relatively underpowered when compared to other LFOs, relying more on its high maneuverability and the skill of its pilots.

Though not technically a weapon, the Nirvash has the ability to trigger the Seven Swell, an event which generates a massive pillar of multi-colored trapar. Though its properties vary, it has the immediate effect of increasing the trapar count in the surrounding area, usually to the point that even a trapar-deprived area will become instantly flight-worthy. The trapar can also be used to disable other LFOs by causing the organic frame to reject the mechanical components, though this doesn't occur until later in the series. (source:Wikipedia

The Nirvash Type Zero front view

The Nirvash Type Zero top view

The Nirvash Type Zero rear view

"i... can... fly!!!!"

the exhaust is the wheels

Accessories provided are 2 set of hands, two bomerangs..

A stand is included as well, but it not flexible at all..

The conversion instruction.. looks simple enough.. but who knows...

Surfs up....

handling the trappar waves..

"don't make me shove this boomerang up your sorry ..."

'reflecting on the background...eureka, renton...'

time to try that special move...

I'm not sure when i'd upload about the anime series, Eureka Seven: Psalms of Planet (50 episodes) and the alternative storyline movie, Eureka Seven: Pocket Full of Rainbows. But hopefully i'll do it sooner or later, but surely will do.. its one of my favorite animes.. Until then...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shiok Toys Moving Out Sales

Guys.. anyone still got cash left? check out shiok toys website.. they currently are at;

Main Retail Outlet:
Lot LG-11(ii), Lower Ground, E@CURVE,
No.2, PJU 7/3 Mutiara Damansara PJU 7,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 603.7725 2618
Email :
Skype : shioktoys

Operating hours:
Mon - Thur : 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sun : 11:00 am - 10.30 pm

But their website informs that they will move up to 1st Floor.. So, i copied they ad, but you can get the details from Shiok Toys.

Heres what Shiok toys have got to say...

Moving Up Sales

Dear Customers,

We will be moving up to 1st Floor from 1st July 2010.
Here are the list for our moving up sales.
Sales Starts 8/4/2010 - 30/6/2010

(Note: Price shown in our website are still the normal price. We will adjust your prices accordingly to the sales price when you order online)

Medicom Toys
1/6 Clone Trooper Red Captain - Now RM428
1/6 K-20 - Now RM450
1/6 Masked Rider V3 - RM600
1/6 Masked Rider V3 Riderman - RM890
1/6 Rocketeer V2.5 - RM400

Hot Toys
1/6 The Comedian - RM428 (last unit)
1/6 Silk Spectre - RM400 (Last unit)
1/6 Astroboy - RM350
1/6 Abe Sapien - Now RM500 (DISPLAY UNIT)
1/6 The Spirit - Octopus - Now RM400
1/6 Kamui Gaiden - RM400

1/6 Starwars BiB Fortuna - Now RM140
1/6 Luke Skywalker Rebel Hero:Yavin IV - Now RM130 (Display Unit)
Starwars Salagious B.crumb - Now RM70
Marvel Archive Dr Doom - RM250
Marvel ArchiveHawkeye -RM280
(Buy both Marvel archive for RM500)
1/6 Shocktrooper - RM380
Gandalf Vs Balrog Diorama - RM1000
Venom Legendary Scale Bust - RM650
X-Men vs Sentinel Diorama #3 - RM900
Jabba The Hut's Throne - RM600 (Display Unit)
Ghost Rider Legendary Scale Bust - RM600

Ferrari Cars - Now RM138

Macross VF-1J mass production TYPE 1/60 scale - Now RM348
Macross VF-1A TV ver 1/60 scale - Now RM328
Macross VF-19 prototype Unit NO.3 Bird Of prey - Now RM600


Transformers MP-01B Black Convoy - RM350 (Last Piece)


No.008 Ayanami Rei(bandage version) - RM48
No.006FS Futami Mami - RM48
No.006 Futami Mami - RM48
No.007 Futami Ami - RM48
SP NO.1 Haruhi Suzumiya - RM88
074 Getter Dragon - RM98
075 Neo Getter - RM88
076 EVA-01 New Movie Edition Awakening ver - RM88
077 EVA-05 New Movie Edition Movie Color - RM88
078 Dancouga - RM108
039 Gaiking - RM48
005 Zangieft - RM38
009 Ling Hu Chong - RM38
004 Hu fei - RM38
002 He Tie Shou - RM38
series 006 SHIN - RM45
series 005 TOKI - RM45
series 003 REI - RM45


Jean Grey Painted Statue - Now RM550
Modern Ironman Statue - Now RM538
Classic Daredevil - RM750

H0llywood Collectibles Group
1:1 Scale Predator 2Cutting Disc - RM1300

18" Scale Abe Sapien Action Figure SDCC Exclusive - RM180

Darth Maul with Blood Fin - RM500

Master Replica
Clonetrooper 212th Battalion Lifesize Helmet - RM1900
501st Clonetrooper Lifesize Helmet - RM1900
Stromtrooper Blaster 1:1 Scale - RM2500
Darth Vader ESB 1:1 Scale Lightsaber - RM1700
Darth Vader ROTS 1:1 Scale Lightsaber - RM1200
Obiwan ANH Weathered 1:1 Scale Lightsaber - RM2388
Luke Skywalker ANH Elite Edition 1:1 Scale Lightsaber - RM1800

Luke Skywalker ESB Signature Edidtion1:1 Scale Lightsaber - RM2000
(Note: Display mirror base has slight defect. Black patches appeared underneath the mirror)

All Neca Terminator Figures at RM48 each
Street Fighter Guile - RM65

Happy shopping people.. oh, dun ask me bout their shop items, please do contact them directly ya..