Sunday, January 31, 2010

Battle Programmer Shirase : BPS

Battle Programmer Shirase (BPS) is one anime thats sure to crack you up.. well, at least it works for me.. Especially when i'm feeling a lil down.. Its short (like 12 minutes per episode) and funny (although, please be warned if some stuff might be offensive to you)... Just to share a lil info:

Battle Programmer Shirase (BPS バトルプログラマーシラセ, Bīpīesu Batoru Puroguramā Shirase?) is an anime TV series aired in 2003 and produced by AIC. The series' story focus is on computers and ecchi comedy.
The original series spans 5 story arcs across 15 episodes of 12 minutes each.

The story of BPS revolves around a "freelance programmer" named Akira Shirase. He's a very talented, yet mysterious computer programmer. Because of his incredible abilities, he's contacted by several individuals (curiously, all of them are very similar persons named Akizuki Kaoru) to do all sorts of strange computer-related hacking/security jobs. He's a very quiet guy who lives alone in a small apartment near his niece's house. At first, the episodes revolved around some freelance jobs that highlighted his abilities - however, later on in the series, characters came back and offered help or plot twists. The school that Shirase had gone to had been hinted throughout the series, and it finally made an appearance in the last episode, when some of the characters began to show their hidden relationships to the others. However, the series was not continued. (Source: Wikipedia)

Akira Shirase (白瀬慧?, voiced by: Nakai Kazuya)
He's the main character of the story. Akira is a very talented computer connoisseur and is known in the hacking world as Battle Programmer Shirase (which is typically shortened to BPS). A genius in computer hacking and security who can do anything on any computer, or phone.

Misao Amano (天野美紗緒?, voiced by: Fukuen Misato)
Misao is Akira's great-niece. She is a very shy girl who loves to spend her time with Akira, whom she often refers to as onii-chan (お兄ちゃん?). She cares for him deeply and it's very common to see her cooking for him or worrying about him. Sometimes, Misao says mau-mau (まうまう?), which doesn't have an actual meaning (this may be a "cute" form of speech the creators added for her to please fans of cute anime girls). Misao looks very young for a 6th grader.

For the offensive part, well.. It all kinda happen unintentionally, and not much elaborated.. or it did.. haha.. funny.. Especially with this kinda response reaction..

Which happened due to some earthquake(or watever reason in the next episodes), causing Shirase and Amano to fall so perfectly in position, perfectly timed for some officer(from wherever company/organization), always name Akizuki, to show up..

Just check out his response to it.. hilarious..

Shirase can hack into a supercomputer just by using a standard handphone...

Unfortunately , I don't know of the anime is available in DVD in any country.. I doubt it, unless you actually go hunt for it in Japan.. Probably u'd get something.. but if u can't. go watch the anime at BPS Episode 1. Look up for the rest of the episodes.. You can also download them by checking out Anime Open.. Hope you will enjoy it as much as i did... hahaha..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Figma 038: Drossel Arrives

Was looking for somthing else, stumbled upon somthing else... Passing thru in Pyramid, stop by at Dream Toy..

saw the drossel on display.. (which i tot is extinct from any local shops).. i tot its not for sale... but it is... but how come its still there.. the catch is, one wrist arm broken, but same price...

aiya.. no wonder... but since i can't get it elsewhere... not anymore at the old price (current price is 10-20% higher than previous).. so i took it with a lil discount.. surely it won't have any re-sell value, coz, well, BIB+one broken wrist, its kinda hard to put a price eh.. so hey, got it anyway.. but i noticed the drossell i harder to pose compared to other figmas,

probably she's a robot, so, kinda stiff la.. actually its due to the ball joints, which are kinda tight n stiff.. but heck, its not meant to be an action figure anyway..

But hey, who is drossel?? well, as explained by mr.wikipedia;
Fireball is a series of CGI anime shorts created by Toei Animation in conjunction with Disney[1]. It is animated entirely in 3D with no cel-shading of any sort, as would be typical for the medium.
The show takes place in the distant future of the 49th millennium, and revolves around the happenings inside a giant manor (named 'Tempest Tower') inhabited by two robots; the gynoid duchess Drossel von Flügel (full name and title: the 19th Lord of Uranos' Kingdom's Tempest Domain, Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel; voiced by Miyuki Kawashō) and her massive cyclopian servant, Gedächtnis (voiced by Toru Okawa). The episodes are usually nonsensical in nature, normally showing the two characters making idle conversation in the midst of a war with humanity. A third character, a monkey-robot named "Schadenfreude", joins them later.

Episode 1 - Watching the Water-Living Animals: Drossel demands of Gedächtnis that he show her images of dolphins.
Episode 2 - 9:25: Gedächtnis is having some trouble with his eye.
Episode 3 - The Day the Dolphin Flew: Drossel discovers some odd headgear.
Episode 4 - St. Elmo's Fire: Drossel wants to know if the Tower has received any letters.
Episode 5 - Demon of the Frontal Lobe: Gedächtnis has more technical problems - this time with his brain.
Episode 6 - An Unwavering Heart: Enemy bombardment causes problems at Tempest Tower.
Episode 7 - Prophecy: Drossel considers peace-talks with the humans.
Episode 8 - The Monkey in the Seat: Drossel is having trouble getting comfortable.
Episode 9 - Butterfly: Drossel wants a pet.
Episode 10 - Final Stop: A rainstorm brings to light Tempest Tower's lack of resources.
Episode 11 - Intruders: Drossel's exercises are interrupted.
Episode 12 - The Virtual Eye: The monkey-robot's antics cause problems of a decidedly ocular nature.
Episode 13 - The Place Where Dreams Are Born: Gedächtnis has both good news and bad news.

p/s: pic with a motorola krzr, which sux at macro.. hahaha..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Volcaloid: Hatsune Miku

There's lotsa hype about this green ponytailed vocaloid girl, Hatsune Miku.. I've always wondered who she is, since theres like no anime out about her.. but lotsa figures, nendroids, wallpaper and posting talking bout her n yet there like not much info still.. Can't believe i actually wiki for here.. so, few thing i managed to figure out..

Hatsune Miku (初音ミク?) is the first installment in the Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series released on August 31, 2007. The name of the title and the character of the software was chosen by combining Hatsu (初, First?), Ne (音, Sound?), and Miku (未来, Future?).[12] The data for the voice was created by actually sampling the voice of Saki Fujita, a Japanese voice actress. Unlike general purpose speech synthesizers, the software is tuned to create J-pop songs commonly heard in anime, but it is possible to create songs from other genres. (Source Wikipedia)

I also found few links on the youtube.. which i find kinda cute.. haha..

Miku Hatsune -- "Yukkuri Shiteitte ne!!" (HQ, English subtitles, Download)
Hatsune Miku~Triple Baka English Subbed
World is Mine with English Sub - Hatsune Miku Version - ワールドイズマイン - sm4593633 - HQ

So, thats basically it about Hatsune Miku.. now, i m looking for its figma.. haha.. yup2.. i got dragged in as well it seem.. what the heck, i know she got no swords, but hey, using leek as weapon also ok la.. haha.. A green haired girl figma surely adds color to the stack.. Another hot chick for Shirou to make Saber jealous again.. haha..

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fate Arrives

Today, arrives figma 009 fate, as promised by gactvision.. 1st deal.. look foward for more purchases next time..

The package arrives...

Shirou: What this just arrive? A new Servant??

"Its the cliiiiimmmmbbbb......"

Shirou: Damn, i missed so much school i can't read..

Shirou: Tres on.. Kanshou.... Bakuya...

So well packed with stuffings stuff.. goood job!!

Shirou: Finally, one hot sexy chick came to town... Check out the skirts..

Figma 009 : Fate T. Harlown Barrier Jacket version

Saber: There you are!!! What are you...
Shirou: Oh crap.. Wait.. wait..

Saber: I told you to get the tofu for dinner and here you are.. and where were you staring at??!!
Shirou: Erk.. I can explain.. erk.. help... me..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fate Stay Night Movie : UBW 23.01.2010

Its confirmd that the Fate Stay Night movie will be in theaters (Japan, of course), on 23 Jan 2010.. well, unless they change it by any chance..
I am still trying to get more details, looking for the best breakdown of the movie..
Sound like the movie will be based on the Unlimited Blade Works route in their game.. (The anime series is based on Fate route)
However, since i never actually played the game (yes, never had a PS or played it, crap..), i'm not too sure of the whole story of this..
So, maybe somebody kind enough to give some links..

if u can read jap:

~ TaReQ ~ KeeP iN TouCH aLL THe BeST N TaKe CaRe

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Friday, January 1, 2010


Every beginning has an end, then the end marks a new beginning... Gone 2009, Comes 2010..
Leave whats passed behind and look forward for the future ahead, while living up on the present currently at hand..
Wonder whats coming up in the anime scene in 2010... Lets walk it together ya..

Macross-Robotech VF-1J vs Regult

Macross-Robotech is one of the anime we grew up with.. if we are in the same range of age.. haha.. Anyways, getting the transforming mecha figure type; fighter, gerwalk, robot mode are pretty pricey for me to start off.. so, when kaiyodo revoltech released the range macross range, i chose to purchase the mecha figure VF-1J (No:034) and Regult (No:051).. So, i get to play around with it.. haha.. its been on the shelves and well, it got kinda dusty.. So, the good thing bout this blogging thingy is i get to keep track of my mechas, figures and etc collections (if it deserves to be called collections..) and also to keep it more maintain, since i believe public might view it, n die hard collectors might get pissed on how i treat the figures.. My photography is very amateurish, so bear with me.. i hope to improve in time as i get more used to this..

Revoltech No: 034, Macross VF-1J

Revoltech No: 051, Macross REGULT

Get ready for some VF-1J vs REGULT space fight!!!