Saturday, May 28, 2011


(From 27 May - 5 June 2011, 11AM-10PM), BOOTH R33

Quote from Read Malaysia '11:

"MINES Event Management Sdn Bhd is proud to present READMALAYSIA’11, one of the largest books gathering that comprises of Chinese, English and Malay books collection – all in one platform of the 3rd year mega book fair!

The exhibition is endorsed by the Ministry of Education with the main objective to promote the importance of reading and cultivate the habit of reading amongst Malaysians. Besides Malaysia, the expo will feature over 200 exhibitors from countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Indonesia. READMALAYSIA’11 is making its presence again after attracting more than 325,000 visitors from the last show in June 2010"

Quote from Club-Gunpla on facebook:
"Club-Gunpla - Bandai South Asia Official Page -
If you're staying or holidaying in Malaysia, do drop by for the GUNDAM MID YEAR CHALLENGE 2011 at the Read Malaysia '11 Fair at the MIECC, MINES Resort City! The fair starts at 27 May until 5 June 2011, from 11am-10pm at Booth Number : R33!

Keep a look out for very attractive promotions and discounts for Bandai Model Kits such as the latest RG AILE STRIKE GUNDAM and SANGOKUDEN! Events also include exciting colouring contests, Caravan workshops and many more! Adding to the excitement of this event, there will also be CAPSULE MACHINES featuring many of your favourite Anime characters to choose from! See you there!"
Yesterday at 19:08

Initially I don't plan to visit this event (so i was lazing in bed staring at the ceiling the whole day), since today would be the best day (opening day) to grab any Gundams that might interest me.. But financing and budgeting seems to be a n issue.. Now that it seems to be quite a big event, i might just drop by after all... i attached the map to the location as well, in case you may wonder how to get there.. it is next to the mines shopping center, so it quite easy to get there.. ample parking space, but i do anticipate its gonna be jam packed... The other option is public tranport, using the KTM Komuter to reach to Mines via the Serdang station, then walk over to the site.. You all have one week to figure if you coming over, but hurry, the later you come, chances are the best RG, MG, HG etc might already be gone from the shelves.. but coming on next weekend maybe a good idea too... end of days is when the price bargains are insane... See you guys there..

Map to MIECC, Mines Resort City

Photos are courtesy from the Club-Gunpla Bandai South East Asia Facebook Page . Do add them on fb.. You can also refer Litt Tak site for details..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gundam Unicorn 3

Gundam Unicorn: Episode 3 : Ghost of Laplace

This episode was out in the screens on March 5, 2011, is already available for downloads in some torrent sites (only found .mkv formats) or direct downloads (found one .avi format, but i'm having trouble downloading it).. i searched online and i think it is also out on blue ray in some countries...

I liked this one better than the 2nd episode... was really disappointed with E2 as i look forward so much to it.. lots of good battle scenes... more storyline involved.. more emotions as what some people commented, whats good about the war, theres hell of lotsa fire power and blazing laser lights... and the endings.. u can feel Banagher..

In this episode, Banagher, pilot of RX-0 Gundam Unicorn lets loose and kicks ass.. Finally i agree that the unicorn is hell of a gundam..currently in this series, i dont see any can par to its complex system n firepower...

I also know that there is a Laplace, and a Lap+... then NTD=New Type Destroyer... The end theme is 'Merry-Go-Round" by Chemistry...More details??? Go watch it yourself..