Sunday, August 29, 2010

GUNDAM OO : Previews...

Gundam 00 : Season 2 Preview Trailer

Gundam 00 : Movie Trailer 1, Preview....


2313AD, thanks to the policies pursued by the government of the federation earth, the earth is headed for a long era of prosperity
meanwhile, celestial beings

Caption: Preliminary first file

Halllelujah: Hey, hey, Marie, the latter battle was impressive, is not?
Setsuna: This is boring...
Lockon: Yeah..
Tiere: It is precisely because the earth is more or less in peace, Incidentally, I am a holographic projection. be the only person in Veda is pretty boring...
Lockon: I've never heard of such a thing... But if we become so boring, we will never do on stage!
Setsuna: yeah...
Lockon Stratos: Hey, excuse me!
All: Lockon Stratos?! You were alive?!
LS: No, I'm dead....
T&L: I'm tired of this answer… What is today?
LS: What do you ask? Open house was a shop are interested in the sky.. you guys have the air of boredom, therefore I am come to invite you...
L: But we do not want you to join nii-san…
S: Yeah..
LS: I promise I'll bring you right back, so relax.. well, let's go! Follow me!
T: I guess it will be a good way to kill time..
S: Yeah..

Caption: we forgot to put in lyle this scene...

H: Marie, lets go..
T: Good pan shop?
L: big-brother did he sleds here just for that?
LS: Well, it's really pretty... but this place is really delicious... old man! I brought some clients...
Chef: welcome!
T: This should be the first time we meet, but I do not feel weird or strange at all ..
H: yeah..
Chefs: everything is delicious because we love to bake....
S: Indeed, it is delicious....
LS: thanks to my aid.. Eat all you want....
Lt: Peries!
Ribbons: How cute panda, Pride of Russia....
Lt: Peries…..What is the matter, Peries?..... Andrei?... Andrei!! ….. Forgive me, Andrei…

: Its delicious isn’t it, Marie?
S: Delicious..
L: Well, it was fun .. and we could also see some old memories..
T: It was worth it..
H: Marie, that is?

Do let me know if i translated the anime wrongly or it badly... tried just for some anime fun.. can't deny the anime was hilarious...

Gundam 00 : Movie Trailer

I can't wait for the Gundam 00 movie anime to come out... well, enjoy the anime....

Saturday, August 28, 2010


About Otakon

Otakon is the convention of the otaku generation: by fans, for fans; and they're back for their 17th year in 2010!

Join thousands of fellow fans as Otak descend on Baltimore to celebrate all anime, manga, and all facets of Asian pop culture!

Ever since 1999, they've taken over a sizable chunk of Baltimore's Inner Harbor for a 3-day festival celebrating the pop culture that's brought us everything from Astroboy to Yu-Gi-Oh, from the Seven Samurai to Spirited Away.


As i was curious on this convention which is done in the US, i browsed through youtube to have a look.. i found some interesting video covering the otakon... the cosplayers really take effort on what they do, thouh they aren't of japanese decend.. so cosplayers, if people were to comment on your obsession, hey, don't bother la ya.. keep at it as long as it keeps you happy, alive and crazy, no matter what age you have crossed.. check out the video and you know what i mean.. oh, they're more videos, but i guess you can look for more yourself.. so, here are some of the clips.. enjoy..

Malaysia International Toy Fair: Part 4 : Misc

Malaysia International Toy Fair: Part 4 : Misc

Well, this is my last entry on the Malaysian International Toy Fair Models & Collectibles ~ Anime ~ Comic ~ Online Gaming 24-25 July 2010, Mid Valley Megamall,KL. This is to cover all else left out before.. so, so hope to see you guys again next time...

Video coverage of the Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010

Gempak Starz Artist... Kaoru n the geng...

For gamers...
Gold fish....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Got this via email today... check it out... no update on their website though... anyone got more details??? oh, hope animetech people are not upset me posting it here... as people say, sharing is caring.. hahaha...

Animetech website:

~ TaReQ ~ KeeP iN TouCH aLL THe BeST N TaKe CaRe

> Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 00:22:45 +0800
> To:
> From:
> Hi!
> We wish to inform all our customers that our Berjaya Times Square outlet will cease operation effective this 1st September 2010.
> Therefore, we are conducting a STORE CLEARANCE SALE (from 30-70% discount) at the moment. Be the first to grab fantastic bargains at our Berjaya Times Square outlet from now till 31 August 2010.
> All our other outlets at Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid, 1-Utama, Centrepoint Bandar Utama and Ipoh Parade will continue for business as usual. We will keep you updated on the opening of any new outlets following the closure of the Berjaya Times Square outlet.
> regards,
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> You have received this email because you are registered as a MEMBER at ANIME TECH. We hope that you have enjoyed receiving this information. Thank you for subscribing to our Membership.
> If you are not longer interested in receiving this newsletter, please email to

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Malaysia International Toy Fair: Part 3

Malaysia International Toy Fair: Part 3 : Toy Displays

Crap.. i delayed part 3 for too long.. haih... Now, in part 3, i upload pics of the toys displayed at The Malaysia International Toy Fair Models & Collectibles ~ Anime ~ Comic ~ Online Gaming 24-25 July 2010, Mid Valley Megamall,KL.

Forgive my KRZR K1 for is minimal 2.0MP camera quality. But thats all i got at that moment, so the pics didn't do justice the the actual toys, sorry. Things are a lot better than what u see here. If anyone got better/more pics, do drop me a line. Thanx. Really appreciate, especially the toy owners and resellers. wished had a camera that day. Anyways, enjoy n do comment.

Transformers... Checkout Unicron..

You can see Six Shot, Metroplex, Fortress Maximus...

A close up on Six Shot.. imagine a Masterpiece Six Shot... thats just crazy!!!

Full set of Dinobot G1...

Difeferent versions of Soundwave...

Macross owners gang...

Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome from Macross....

Scary Monster eh?

The small to the big...

Vocaloids Nendo / Pucchi..

Ultra Magnus....