Sunday, December 12, 2010

Comic Fiesta Tickets

Ticketing General Info

  • The ticket will be in the form of a wristband.
  • Participants are advised to NOT wear the wristbands on their own
  • Our ticketing representives will be present to help put it on.
  • Damaged or defaced tickets will be deemed INVALID.
  • Comic Fiesta will in no way be held responsible for any tickets lost.
  • The Comic Fiesta 2010 Organising Committee does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for any accidents/untoward incidents that might occur within the premises of the Event Hall or Waiting Hall before, during after the event.
  • Tickets must visible and present at all times.
  • Children below the age of 12 years old may enter for FREE only under the supervision of a parent or guardian.
On a related note: Parents of young children attending Comic Fiesta are encouraged to join in the fun and accompany their children during the event!

Ticket Pre-Orders

Price: RM25 (for both days)

  • This offer is only applicable for TWO DAYS entry tickets only.
  • All correspondence will be done via email, so please provide a valid email.
  • Pre-orders not paid 1 week before the closing will be void.
  • Closing date is 12th of December.**

Normal/On-The-Spot Tickets

Price per day: RM15

  • Tickets will be sold at counters from 11 AM to 7 PM; come early to beat the crowd.
  • Tickets may be purchased for either one day or both.
  • There will be separate counters for One Day and Two Day ticket purchases. Participants are advised to queue up accordingly so as to avoid any complications.
  • Please pay attention to the announcements made and give your full cooperation to our Ticketing Helpers so as to ensure a smooth entry.
  • More info coming soon!
For more info and enquiries, please do not hesitate to e-mail CF will get back to you as soon as CF can.

Note: This entry is a direct cut n paste from comic Fiesta 2010 website. This blog will not be held responsible for the accuracy of information in this post. For the latest updates, please visit

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010

Comic Fiesta is coming up again..


Company Overview:

Malaysia's leading annual convention on everything related to the Anime, Comics and Games (ACG) culture!
Traditionally held every year in December, we are dedicated to make our event the most memorable days of the year for all ACG fans in the region.


Spreading awareness and information on the ACG culture, while doing our part to further the creative industry in our region.


Comic Fiesta Event

Facebook Page:

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Sunday, December 5, 2010


While i was browsing through face book, i notice quite a bunch of ppl who r using some old skool anime or characters as their profile pics.. i was wondering wats it all about, then i notice the caption.. this came up;
"Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until monday (Dec. 6) there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for violence against children, let us do it for our kids! This is just a...small thing!"
It took me a while to decide what cartoon i wanna put, and it was a tough one.. its hard to choos one of the many, then i came up with moespeada.. not many loved it, most just liked it.. its transformers with more drama, deeper story line.. its hard to say if any anime or cartoons are better than the other, now or since 80s.. but, heck, i still think mospeada have the coolest bikes.. anyone with me?

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Pull d plug???? Dream on!!!

Its been about 3 months since i last posted.. it been real bz with my MBA course.. oh yess.. I AM doin MBa, and its OK for me do stil enjoy anime, manga, cosplay n etc.. its a hobby.. got quite a number of stuff on anime and manga to post up, but lil time to to spend on it..

I m currently spending some time watching naruto (yes all 220 epsiodes of the 1st anime), before i wanno join in the naruto shipudden anime.. i got interested with naurot shipuudden anime since it had some pretty dramatic episodes, but i need to understand it overall, so i started off with the first 220 episodes of naruto anime..really need to get it over with before my course starts again in end of Dec or Jan 2011.. not much time.. Oh, the anime movie for Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is also released online.. Its real good from my point of view, don't expect Saber, Illiya or Sakura to play much of a rolelook up for it and download it.. i'll do a simple review when i hav d time.. Other animes and animations which i recently had some time to spend with are Bleach, Naruto Shippuuden movie (1,2,3), How to train your dragon,  Superman Batman: Apocalypse (which introduces Kara Zor El), and one i havn't watched like Macross Frontier Movie. Waiting for Nanoha the 1st movie and Gundam 00 movie to release on DVD... Expect also for a new Bleach anime movie to be released i Japan, but i dun hv no details bout it too...

So, thanx for waiting for me to come back, i'll try catch up with loss time.. after all, i targeted at least a post a week, means 52 post a year, n i;m just 60% there.. got few weeks to ctach up.. see if i can keep my quality with my quantity...

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